The Bold & the Beautiful: Colorful Removable Wallpaper

Posted by Melanie Royals on

“Sometimes all you need is a splash of color.” Designer Kim of @colorful_kimmes lives her life and decorates her home according to her motto. She was itching for a room makeover and decorated her bedroom feature wall with removable wallpaper from Wallternatives.

She says, “THAT FEELING when you snap a cuuuuttte picture! 😍😍😍 How do you like our bedroom makeover? In luuuuuuuvvv with the removable, reusable, and repositonable fabric wallpaper from Wallternatives!” She decorated this bedroom feature wall with the Dream Garden Floral Removable Wallpaper designed by Bari J exclusively from Wallternatives.

“Color is a power that directly influences the soul.” - Wassily Kandinsky

Can you say…. BEDROOM GOALS?? Kim loves that all Wallternatives wallpapers are removable, reusable, and repostionable so that if she feels another itch, she can totally redecorate this room, remove this wallpaper without hurting her walls, and even reuse it to decorate somewhere else!

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