Tips on Decorating a Tropical Bohemian Bathroom

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Anyone who’s ever dreamed of escaping from the day-to-day to their very own tropical island would be right at home in Kelli of @mango_manor’s house. Kelli describes her home as a tropical bohemian bungalow. She says, “I’m a lover of color and all things tropical! I’ve traveled to all seven continents and my home decor is a reflection of my expansive travels and experiences.”

bohemian bathroom decor jungalow style wallpaper removable wallpapers to decorate walls

Kelli set out to add some Jungalow style to her bohemian bathroom makeover, especially after seeing the Protective Eyes Removable Wallpaper from Wallternatives. Once decorated, she said, “Well, folks! Here it is! My eye of the tiger bathroom! It’s SO worth it! I’ve spent so much time in the tropics that I wanted this bathroom to feel like you just walked into a posh Airbnb down in Key West. I have to thank Wallternatives for the INCREDIBLE Protective Eyes Removable, Reusable, and Repositionable Wallpaper!”

all seeing eye wall decor boho wallpaper jungalow style bathroom wall art

Through her home decor, Kelli instills the importance of bringing together self love and love of your surroundings. She added a personal touch to her bathroom with Wallternatives Removable Wallpaper and inspirational artwork by @18loves (that is based on her beautiful boho bathroom).

The advice she has to creating a home you love is, “Do what makes you happy and create a cozy sanctuary in every space. Get rid of the things that don’t work in your life anymore. Mix old and new. Also, plants make people happy!”

bohemian wallpapers jungalow wall art protective eye wall design boho bathroom

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boho bathroom makeover bohemian wallpaper removable wallpapers


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