Forest Friends Removable Wall Decal Set

  • The forest has never been friendlier than with the critters found in our Forest Friends Removable Wall Decals. An enchanted landscape filled with flowers, animals, and tall trees, this vinyl print art decal will help create your child's own fairytales.
  • Small W-WP-NK105S
    Fox: 13" wide x 9" high 
    Butterfly: 4" wide x 2" high

    Large W-WP-NK105L
    Fox: 15" wide x 22" high
    Butterfly: 6" wide x 4.5" high
  • Includes: 3 animal, 2 tree, and misc. wall print decals
    Fabric Material Specifications
  • For instructions on how to apply this product, visit Wallprints™ FAQ.

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