How to Apply Art Wall Decals

Wallternatives™ Art Wall Decals are designed with care to be a cut above! Our Art Wall Decals sticky, NOT tacky. You see, we’ve put our creative thinking caps on to create a line of vinyl decal art that offers a more elegant alternative to ordinary vinyl wall graphics. 

Designer Vinyl decals offer an easy and economical way to add pops of pattern and personality to walls, but the colorful fun doesn’t stop there! You can also apply Designer Vinyl Decals to almost any hard surface. Smooth, painted ceilings, glass and mirror, doors or drawers.

Our vinyl decal art is easy to apply and the matte finish of the premium polyester fabric material provides the look of a lovely hand painted or stenciled pattern in a fraction of the time. Down the road, your Designer Vinyl Decals are easy to remove, making them the perfect decorating choice for college students, renters, and those of us with ever evolving design tastes!

Simply peel and stick!

Surface Preparation Art Wall Decals

Start with a Clean Surface! Use a dry cloth to wipe over your wall surface to remove any dust. If you walls are dirty, you can use a slightly damp cloth or Magic Eraser, BUT then let the wall dry overnight to make sure it is bone dry. Adhesive-backed vinyl will NOT stick to a damp surface.

Notes on Newly Painted Surfaces! If you’ve applied a fresh coat of paint to your walls you will need to wait a MINIMUM of 2 weeks before applying  Art Wall Decals. REALLY!! Here’s Why: Even though the paint seems dry, it actually undergoes and extensive curing period. If you are in a cold, damp, or humid environment you may even want to wait up to 3-4 weeks.

Installing Art Wall Decals on a fresh, uncured painted surfaces may result in poor adhesion or the decal may damage the paint upon removal or cause a color shift in the pattern area.

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