How to Apply Removable Wallpaper


Don’t spend another day staring at naked walls when fashionable, well-dressed walls are now so easy to apply and remove. Wallternatives™ Removable Wallpaper is the peel and stick (and reusable!) alternative to traditional wallpaper or wall painting that makes it SO easy to dress your walls in style. Adhesive wall patterns in trendsetting styles are easily applied to smooth walls with no glue, no paint, no fuss, and no muss!

How Many Wallpaper Panels Do I Need?

To calculate how many wallpaper panels you need for your wall, find the square footage of your wall then divide that by the square footage of a wallpaper panel (8 square feet). Measure twice and order once! We print all wallpapers to order, which means color can vary slightly between orders. Make sure you have the right amount of panels before you start installing!

What Surfaces Can I Use Removable Wallpaper On?

Removable Wallpaper adheres best to smooth surfaces. If you have a textured wall, removable wallpaper may or may not adhere to it depending on the type of texture. However, since every textured wall is different, we cannot guarantee the removable wallpaper will stick properly. But there’s good news! You can order a swatch of our Removable Wallpaper material by emailing us at 

How Do I Prep My Wall for Removable Wallpaper?

Start with a clean surface! Use a dry cloth to wipe over your wall to remove any dust. If you walls are dirty, you can use a slightly damp cloth or Magic Eraser, BUT then let the wall dry overnight to make sure it is bone dry. Adhesive-backed vinyl will NOT stick to a damp surface.

Notes on Newly Painted Surfaces! If you’ve applied a fresh coat of paint to your walls you will need to wait a MINIMUM of 2 weeks before applying Removable Wallpaper. REALLY!! Here’s Why: Even though the paint seems dry, it actually undergoes and extensive curing period. If you are in a cold, damp, or humid environment you may even want to wait up to 3-4 weeks.

Installing Removable Wallpaper on a fresh, uncured painted surfaces may result in poor adhesion or the decal may damage the paint upon removal or cause a color shift in the pattern area.

How to Apply Removable Wallpaper

To apply Wallternatives Removable Wallpaper, start at the top of the image to be applied and pull down approximately four to six inches of the backer and crease it. Apply the exposed adhesive to the desired surface slowly to avoid air bubbles. Once the beginning segment is level and in the proper position, continue applying the image in four to six inch increments. If air bubbles or wrinkles appear after applying segments, peel the desired area back and gently reapply with a soft, felt-sided squeegee to remove bubbles. It is recommended to squeegee at a 45° angle with overlapping, firm strokes.

How to Clean Removable Wallpaper

Wallternatives Removable Wallpaper is super easy to clean! Just use a damp cloth to wipe it down, or if needed, use a damp (not soaking) sponge with simple soap.

How to Remove Removable Wallpaper

When Wallternatives Removable Wallpaper is applied to a painted wall, it is recommended that the wall be primed to ensure that paint will not peel off the wall. The use of a blow dryer may help to soften the adhesive for easy removal from questionable surfaces like painted walls. It is not recommended that removable wallpaper be installed over untreated drywall or drywall that has not been primed. On any surface, removable wallpaper should be removed slowly, at a 180° angle (pulling straight back against the material versus up) to minimize the tension against the surface from which the wallpaper is being removed.

How to Reapply or Reposition Removable Wallpaper

The best thing about Wallternatives Removable Wallpaper is that it is also reusable and repositionable. This repositionable wallpaper fabric material does not rip, wrinkle, shrink or curl; which allows endless application possibilities. It can be repositioned countless times and will retain its adhesion and leaves no residue. Simply remove and reapply using the instructions above. We recommend keeping the backing paper included with your order so that you can stick the wallpaper back onto the backing paper for easy storage or transportation.