Winter Snowflake Removable Christmas Wall Decal Set

  • Decorate your home with a winter wonderland of falling snow with our Christmas Snowflake Removable Wall Decal Set from our new Jennifer Rizzo designer wall decal collection! Peel and stick these holiday wall stickers to the walls of your little girls room or on the windows of your entry way.
  • SMALL W-WP-DG120S-GR and W-WP-DG120S-BL
    Each snowflake: 6" wide x 6" high

    MEDIUM W-WP-DG120M-GR and W-WP-DG120M-BL 
    Each snowflake: 9" wide x 9" high

    LARGE W-WP-DG120L-GR and W-WP-DG120L-BL 
    Each snowflake: 12" wide x 12" high
  • Includes: 5 snowflake decals
    Fabric Material Specifications
  • For instructions on how to apply this product, visit Wallprints™ FAQ.

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