Flower Frame Vinyl Wall Decal Set

  • Add a special touch to your room with our Floral Frame Vinyl Decal Set. This set of six frames looks great on its own or when paired with our Monogram or French Phrase series.
  • Small W-V-FR107S-SET
    Average frame: 15" wide x 16" high


    Average frame: 20" wide x 21.5" high

    Large W-V-FR107L-SET

    Average frame: 27" wide x 29" high
  • Includes: 6 frame decals
    Fabric Material Specifications
  • For instructions on how to apply this product, visit Designer Decals FAQ.
  • Please note color varies from monitor to monitor. If you need exact color matching, our Designer Vinyl Decals Color Chart is available for purchase. 

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