Mediterranean Tile Removable Wallpaper

  • Imagine yourself on a Greek Island as you peel and stick our geometric Mediterranean Tile Removable Wallpaper in your favorite space of relaxation. This art deco wallpaper consisting of quilt-like designs can be removed and reused over and over again! 
  • One Size W-WA-DG110-RDBK, W-WA-DG110-LPUDPU, W-WA-DG110-CRGR, W-WA-DG110-TLBL
    One Panel: 24" wide x 48" high
  • Includes: 1 removable wallpaper panel
    Removable Wallpaper Material Specifications
  • For instructions on how to apply this product, visit WallAppeal™ Removable Wallpaper FAQ.

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